MECO 3000

MECO 3000 is is high-performance, polymer-filled PTFE bearing material, for demanding plane bearing applications.
MECO 3000 combines the high inherent lubricity and high temperature capacity of PTFE with the dimensional stability and compressive strength of advanced structural polymers, to form a dry-running bearing material for the new Millenium.

Woodex manufactures bearings from a large MECO3000 inventory, offering a much faster turnaround than comparable materials. If you're tired of waiting for other high-performance polymer bearings, call Woodex: MECO3000 may be for you.

For More Information, download this Adobe Acrobat File.
For Physical Properties, download this Adobe Acrobat File.
For Physical Properties of MECO 4000 bearing-grade PEEK, download this Adobe Acrobat File.

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